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Meet our team of legal experts, each boasting a rich multinational background, which empowers us to offer services in more than three languages. Our bespoke services are crafted with precision to cater to individual client needs, drawing from our profound expertise in a wide area of law. At GSU, we merge global insights with specialized knowledge, ensuring you receive nothing less than the best.

Our Team

Meet our Founding Partner, M. Numan Genç, an expert in international and local arbitration, construction law, and corporate law. With fluency in German, English, and Turkish, he provides top-notch legal guidance to clients worldwide.

M. Numan Genç


As a Founding Partner, Melik İslam Şeker specializes in personal data protection, intellectual property, e-commerce, aviation law, and more. His innovative approach ensures clients stay ahead in evolving legal landscapes.

Melik İslam Şeker


Our Founding Partner,  Mehmet Murat Uğurlu, excels in labor law, tenancy, real estate law, corporate and contract law. Fluent in both English and Turkish. e offers comprehensive counsel for diverse client needs.

Mehmet Murat Uğurlu


Nur Şevval Yıldırım, a standout member of our team, holds degrees in International Relations and Law from Istanbul Kültür University, graduating with honors. With expertise in Construction Law, Corporate Law, and Contract Law, she is committed to providing exceptional legal counsel.

Nur Şevval Yıldırım


Nimet Akbulut specializes in International Law, Construction Law, International Trade Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Inheritance Law, and Labor Law. She's a certified German translator and a legal intern with a strong legal and international background.

Nimet Akbulut

Legal Intern

Ecem Tuana Güney is a valued member of our team. Her legal expertise encompasses Employment Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law, Data Protection, and E-Commerce and IT-Law. 

Ecem Tuana Güney

Legal Intern

Sümeyye Budak graduated with honors from Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law in 2022, following her high school education in Germany. Fluent in German and English, she specializes in construction law, international trade law, and international law.

Sümeyye Budak

Legal Intern

İlknur Atalay, a wide range of executive support functions plays a pivotal role. Her responsibilities encompass not only administrative tasks but also critical decision-making processes, ensuring seamless operations and effective communication at the executive level. Her multifaceted role is integral to the smooth running and efficiency of the organization.

İlknur Atalay

Executive Assistant

Talha Demirel is a dynamic consultant known for his impact across car sharing, ride-hailing, social media, and humanitarian efforts. His versatile expertise has reshaped business models, boosted growth for industry leaders like Bolt, and steered startups to B2B success. Additionally, Talha's philanthropic work centers on empowering African communities through education and infrastructure development.

Talha Demirel


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