Health Law

Health law can be defined as a the intersection of public law and private law with respect to medical matters. It includes many subjects such as sanction law, compensation law, strict liability cases. When health law is mentioned, although only the legal responsibility of the doctor comes to mind; Health law, which reflects the legal dimension of medical science, which is a comprehensive and detailed discipline, applies to an extremely wide area.

Contracts to be used in the relationship between private hospitals and the patient,  consent forms, legal responsibilities of the doctor and other health personnel, and the compensation and penalty sanctions to be applied when these are not followed. In addition to these, due to the responsibility of the state that  come to the fore in public hospitals, its connection with administrative law has made specialist legal knowledge indispensable for both patients, hospitals and doctors.

Another application area of ​​health law is in the pharmaceutical industry. In this context, intertwined with intellectual property law, in patents and registration processes of manufactured drugs; in the process of obtaining a license for the sale of drugs; At the point of distributing medicine, legal support is especially needed in drafting and negotiation of the contracts to be executed with the distributing companies.

GSU provides services in every field of health law. Our clients may be private hospitals, drug manufacturers, as well as doctors, health personnel or the injured person.