GSU is providing legal assistance in the legal review of current business models, compliance with the relevant legislation, especially during the construction phase of the e-commerce site, examination of the issues related to the purchase and sale of e-commerce products, payment and delivery contracts, and the preparation of member and distance agreements. Our team is also representing the client before courts and institutions with respect to disputes which may arise out of the client’s e-commerce activities.

As GSU, our team provides legal consultancy and advocacy services on the following issues:
• Establishment of online marketplace, social media and e-commerce companies
• Drafting of member and distance contracts
• Compliance with data protection laws
• Negotiating and drafting online payment systems contracts
• Providing legal consultancy services regarding the legal responsibilities of content and hosting providers, and providing advocacy services in cases of disputes before courts
• Representing the client with respect to criminal and compensation cases due to published content on the e-commerce platform