Construction Law & Construction Management

Our team provides comprehensive legal consultancy services with respect to the client’s real estate sales and purchases for personal or commercial purposes, establishment of limited real rights or the lease of the property. Our team consisting of dedicated engineers and construction lawyers are assisting the client from the investment phase, provisional acceptance, defects liability period up to the final acceptance.

GSU is advising and representing the clients before courts and national and/or international arbitral tribunals in particular in the post-construction phase with respect to any disputes that may arise out of the construction project. As GSU, our strength in Construction Law and Construction Management lies in our cooperation with YY PMC Project Management and Consultancy company, which provides technical consultancy services to local and international construction projects.

Our team consisting of both, legal and technical experts, provides our clients with legal and technical consultancy services in the fields of Construction Law, Law of Obligations, Contract Law, International Arbitration and especially in construction works with national, international or foreign elements such as FIDIC. In this context, our team provides services in the field of construction law for both investor and contractor clients, such as obtaining construction licences, obtaining occupancy permits, management plans and regulations, preparation of all contracts related to construction law, claim management, and contract management.

In case of a dispute, our team represents the client before all relevant courts and institutions in order to protect the client’s rights in the most accurate and fast way through litigation and alternative dispute methods (DAB, DAAB, Mediation and local and international arbitration).

Some of the services provided by GSU in the field of Construction Law are as follows:

  • Preparation of all contracts related to the construction project and attending to contract negotiations
  • Preparation of Construction Contracts, Subcontractor Contracts, Purchase-Sale Contracts, Consultancy Contracts, Protocols and any Addenda
  • Obtaining permits and licences
  • Preparation of Employer-Contractor-Subcontractor contracts
  • Preparation of claim files
  • Assistance in with respect to additional works, omissions, scope increase or decrease and other Variations and their effect on the rights of the relevant party
  • Providing protection from deprivation by following the correspondence of Technical Offices
  • Preparation of request notification
  • Replying to the request notification
  • Preparation of release and waiver protocols